October 2, 2022

Travel Guide

Africa is a unique travel destination. It’s not nearly as advanced or developed as most of the rest of the world and even if you are an experienced traveller, but its visitors need to pay attention to certain few basics before they get here.

Checking With Your Local Embassy
In Africa, things are done differently and the rules and regulations aren’t always what you’d expect. For this very reason the first and most important thing you need to do is to check with your local embassy on the safety and political climate of both the country and the region that you are travelling to. Africa is characteristic of economic and political uncertainties. And as a traveller, you don’t want to get caught in the middle.

Visa / Entry Requirements
Acquiring the appropriate visa is imperative so be warned. Citizens of all countries need a legitimate national passport or official travel documents and a legitimate visa granted by Missions abroad for entering Africa. It can take a long time to get the right papers and the right documents. So plan it well in advance. We highly recommend contacting a professional travel agent in your country of destination in Africa. Also as a precaution it’s plausible that you make photocopy of all your travel documents for purposes of security.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance is paramount for Africa bound travellers. It’s not uncommon for luggage to ‘disappear’ at airports. Visitors need to be sufficiently insured against such and other mis-happenings. Also, tightly keep all your valuables with you all times.

Health insurance
Getting health insurance for your African trip is crucial. Many African countries require that visitors take medication weeks (or months) before you leave and it’s very important that you check this well in advance. Health care in most countries is still lacking and where it is, it’s pretty poor. Take all the necessary health precautions or else you pay a heavy price.

What to Wear
Most countries in Africa are still conservative. Culture and dress code are still sound in Africa particularly when visiting places of worship and cultural places. It is advisable to dress modestly. Usually there is emphasis on the ladies to dress conservatively. Short and too tight revealing clothes should be avoided. Pack clothing in mindful of the weather of the country you are going to tour. While visiting Southern Africa during summers carry some warms clothes as it is cold there.

Conn Men
Travelers should beware of unscrupulous agents or fake travel guides. There are many who will try to overcharge you, so arm yourself with information as to standard rates before leaving the hotel. You will also come across many street beggars in most cities in Africa. It may seem heartless but it is much safer to ignore them. If you give alms to one then you will be overwhelmed by all the beggars in that area.

Book Accommodation in Advance: A lot of good hotels in Africa provide online reservation facilities. Search the internet and book a hotel room that meets your preference and budget well in advance.

Eating Out
Most countries in Africa are famous for their delightful cuisines. But it is very important to pay attention to where you eat from. Strictly avoid street food and cut fruits. Go to a well gazetted restaurant. Be careful where you buy what to eat.

Travel Agents
Finally, the travel agents factor. Always book your travel with a reliable travel agent so that you get the best deal and also heavy discounts on your Africa tour packages. If you book your trip with a well-known Africa travel agency then you can completely relax and travel without any worries. A reputed Africa travel agent would also double-up as your tour guide and offer rich tourist information in many ways.