October 2, 2022

All your dreams about Africa are found in Uganda the magical land of nature. Safaris in Uganda take you to dreamlike places filled with savannah plains, hills, jungle forests, lakes, Rivers, amazing landscape above all the rich culture of people that live in close range with different attractions. All focusing on green tourism and conservation, Uganda national parks don’t only offer the best of your interest but also present variety of accommodations including Budget, midrange and luxury .You may have visited some of the animals Uganda has in different locations and environment may be in the zoo but watching then in their natural habitat is a different thing.

With all the dreams and imaginations of Africa, taking a safari in Uganda’s best national parks for 2017-19 will change everything to memories so carrying a good camera is a must. Below are some of the best national parks in Uganda where one can enjoy and relax on any kind of holiday.

Bwindi Forest National Park

Are you looking for popular wildlife destinations on the planet? Bwindi forest national park comes first among the first ten lists of great safari destinations in the world. This is the origin of great apes concept in Africa especially the last remaining in the secret jungle forests of East Africa. See and gaze at the giant silver back mountain gorilla in just a  seven meter distance and spend a full good hour in photography ,observations as you enjoy there playful characters of mother, father and juvenile gorillas. Bwindi forest has always been called the most wonderful gorilla trekking destination in the world and best for all gorilla trekking tours year round. It’s where you meet the people of the forest”Batwa” who formerly used to live with mountain gorillas in the wilderness jungle. Explore this park at your pase as long as it’s your time.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park tour activities may look same just like those for Murchison falls national park but its location still attract tourists. The Park biggest highlights is the tree climbing lions of Ishasha, game drives, boat cruise on the Kazinga channel and chimpanzee trekking  at Kyambura gorge or Kalinzu forest reserve. The stunning views of savannah plains and mountain Rwenzori also add to the overall atmosphere. Other things to do in Queen Elizabeth is a visit to Katwe salt lake, Nature walk in maramagambo forest, a tour to the bat cave, bird watching, and community excursions in Kasese.

Kibale Forest National Park

Considered to be the top chimpanzee safari park in Africa, Kibale forest protects over 13 primate species with chimpanzees as the main park attraction. The park features untouched forest beauty and chimpanzee experiences here are hard to be kept as a secret from friends and family. Kibale is one of the parks in Uganda for chimpanzee trekking and habituation. Accessibility is by road from Kampala and every safari to kibale is rich in nature, history and conservation. The best time to visit is all year provided it’s well calculated, all will be fun and exciting.

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