December 3, 2022
Kenya Safari

Driving yourself at your own pace is one of the amazing experiences during a Kenya safari. Situated in the Eastern sub region of Africa, the Republic of Kenya is among the best places to explore during your African self-drive trip. Stretching on an area of approximately 580,367 square kilometers, the country stands as the 48th world’s largest country by area. Its capital and largest city is Nairobi while the second largest and oldest is the coastal city of Mombasa. Other important cities in the country include Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret.

Bordered by South Sudan to the northwest, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the South and the Indian Ocean to the Southeastern direction, Kenya is a home to various attractions in different destinations which can be explored comfortably during your self-drive exercise. Among these attractions include the cultural and historical sites, game reserves, national parks, cities, lakes and rivers, mountains and many others. Planning to travel to the Republic of Kenya for a self-drive experience, below are the important things to note that will be the main key to your enjoyment and adventure.

Best time to visit Kenya for a safari

Kenya safari destinations can be visited all year round though always at their best between January and the end of March. This is because the climate is always mild, and the surface dry which provides an excellent game viewing experience. The rainy season in the country starts between mid-March to June and then between November and December. During your self-drive in Kenya, you are advised to avoid moving during night hours in order to prevent harmful encounters from different people.

Best vehicle to hire for a Kenya self-drive experience

There are various vehicles that can be used during a safari in Kenya but the best cars to tame the terrains and surfaces of the country are the customized 4×4 vehicles. Among these vehicles include the safari tour vans, land cruisers, safari microbus, and others. These vehicles are strong enough to navigate the country safari destinations like national parks, game reserves and many others. Also, the cars feature a pop up rooftop which provides a clear game viewing exercise during game drives in national park tracks.

How safe is Kenya for a self-drive experience

The Republic of Kenya is safe to visit for a both a guided and self-drive safari and the visitors are perfectly catered for. The country has a number of tour companies that will cater for your travel and will definitely take you to only safe destinations. The tour operators will also make sure that your belongings are safe and this will happen when you follow the safety precautions raised to you during the tour briefing activity.

Destinations to visit during your self-drive exercise in the mighty Kenya

With a size of 580,367 square kilometers, Kenya encompasses several attractions including national reserves, safari parks, mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, beautiful islands and many others. Among these attractions in details include;

Amboseli national park

Formerly known as Maasai Amboseli game reserve, Amboseli national park is a national park in Kenya positioned in Kajiado South Constituency in Kajiado County. The park provides an excellent game viewing experience since it is a home to various wildlife species including lions, African elephants, impalas, African buffalo, wildebeests, and many others. The park is also a good haven for bird watching hosting more than 400 species of birds including the long toed lapwing, taveta golden weaver, Eurasian thick knee and many others. Amboseli national park also provides clear views of mountain Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the African continent.

Masai Mara national reserve

Named in honor of the Masai people, the ancestral inhabitants of the area, Masai Mara national reserve is the largest national reserve in the Republic of     Kenya situated in Narok. The reserve is known for hosting the great migration which is among the Seven Natural wonders of the African continent and also among the ten world’s wonders. With an area of approximately 1,510 square kilometers, the reserve encompasses various wildlife species including the cheetahs, African leopard, African bush elephant, cape buffalos, black and white rhinos, zebras, lions, black-backed jackals, honey badgers, aardwolves, African wildcats, zorillas, bat eared foxes, mongoose, genets and many others. Aside the wildlife, the reserve also hosts several bird species including secretary birds, long crested eagles, secretary birds, African pygmy falcons, ostriches, lilac breasted roller, and many others.

Lake Nakuru national park

Situated around Lake Nakuru close to Nakuru town, Lake Nakuru national park is among the best destinations for a self-drive safari in Kenya. The park is known for hosting thousands and millions of flamingos that nest around the shores of the shallowest lake in central Kenya – Lake Nakuru. Besides the flamingos, the park also attracts other bird species including the cormorants, sooty falcon, ostriches, Abyssinian thrush and many others. It is also a home to different animal species including the 4 of the African big five animals- lions, elephants, buffalos, and the leopards.

Hell’s gate national park

Positioned South of Lake Naivasha in the North West of Nairobi, Hells gate national park is another safari destination in Kenya suitable for a self-drive exercise. Named after a narrow break in the cliffs, the small park is known for its wide variety of wildlife species. Hosting over 103 species of birds, the park is among the best destinations for bird lovers. Among these birds include; the secretary birds, verreaux’s eagles, augur buzzard and many others. Hell’s gate national park also houses numerous animals including the African buffalos, warthogs, hartebeests, waterbucks and others.

Tsavo national park

Located in the coastal province of Kenya, Tsavo national park is the largest national park in the country. Stretching over an area of approximately 9,065 square kilometers, the park is divided into two – Tsavo west and Tsavo east. It is a home to various attractions including birds, animals, lakes, springs and many others. Spot these attractions during park experiences like game drives, nature walks, bird watching and many others.

Apart from the above destinations, Kenya also encompasses several beautiful attractions like islands, beaches, cities, reserves, sanctuaries, mountains and many others that can be visited at your own pace during a self-drive exercise.


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