October 2, 2022
Kilimanjaro Mountains

So, you’re climbing Kilimanjaro and are wondering whether to spend some time in Moshi, too? Let’s give you a big, fat “hell, yes!”. 48 hours in Moshi will give you enough time to chill out, pig out, strut your stuff and explore – and all done with no stress at all. Your African experience isn’t just about challenges like Kilimanjaro, but about getting a sense of life in and around an African town and 48 hours in Moshi will do just that.

Waterfalls & coffee tour

Moshi is the administrative centre of the Kilimanjaro region and home to the business-minded Chagga people. Find out about the traditions of Kilimanjaro’s gatekeepers by taking a day to explore the backdrops of Moshi with our guide. We’ll ride the daladala (local transport) with the locals to the tiny village of Materuni. A daladala easily holds 30 people or more so you’ll really get to know the locals! And when you arrive at the village you’ll learn the fine art of coffee preparation – the local coffee is pleasant and mild – and you’ll even get to produce your own, from tree to cup. And it’s a beautiful spot. On a clear day you’ll be able to see Moshi and the whole of the Kilimanjaro region. You’ll also have the opportunity for a little trekking through coffee and banana plantations and end the day on the banks of the river – the source of which is Kilimanjaro’s glaciers.

Tip: On the way back to the daladala station, sample the local banana beer or banana wine at one of the local bars. You might hate it, you might love it, but you’ve got to try it!

Eat out in town

There is no better way to experience a new place then by trying the local food. Though Moshi offers some excellent international cuisine with Jay’s Kitchen (Korean food) or IndoItaliano (Indian/Italian), we want you to discover the traditional dishes. Tanzanians love their meat. Favourite dishes are mbuzi (goat) and kuku (chicken). Indulge yourself with some goat BBQ at East Africa Bar. As a side dish choose some ugali (maize mash) or plantains. Wash all of it down with a cold local beer. But veggies, don’t worry, you won’t starve! Milan’s next door has loads of tasty vegetarian dishes.

Memorial and Mbuyuni Market

Imagine an African market. We bet you thought of a few little stalls selling colourful wares and spicy foods. Now think of this, but the size of six soccer fields. On the outskirts of Moshi is the Memorial Market and it’s your chance to shop until you drop. EVERYTHING is available; shoes, clothes, bags, housewares, hardware. Even if you don’t have the strength to bargain, it’s fun just to wander around and sample the colour, sounds and conversations. The best times to go are Tuesday and Friday. From there take the daladala back to the town centre and get off at the bus station. Take a walk down to Mbuyuni Market via Nyerere Road, which is the main road of Moshi. You will pass different shops, street vendors and tailors. Mbuyuni is Moshi’s big fresh market with local produce. Depending on the season, you’ll find a mouthwatering array of fresh fruit including mango, passion fruit, papaya, pineapple or avocado. Yes, avocado is a fruit.

Tip: Buy some fruit and vegetables and prepare your own salad. The sun-kissed fresh taste will blow you away and you’ll never be able to eat supermarket veggies again.

Dance the night away

Moshi’s nightlife is impressive for a small town. It seems that the whole town is out enjoying itself at the weekend after a long week at work. Tanzanians adore pool. Do you? Then if you fancy a game and feel like a competition then nip into the Kool Bar or Pub Alberto’s for a match or two. Both places also have a DJ and dance floor for later at night.

You can also go straight to Glaciers (best on Friday!). This alfresco nightspot has the reputation of having one of the best BBQ kuku in town. After a good meal enjoy some cocktails from the bar and shake your booty on the dance floor.


There are more great places to discover, but you might need to stay longer to get round them all. We can recommend Malindi’s with its Friday live music and karaoke on Saturdays. If you’re a party person who loves loud music then Club Black Diamond in town is for you.

Tip: Dress to impress as Tanzanians will do so as well.

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