December 3, 2022

The chimpanzee is another primate found in large numbers in Uganda. The chimpanzee, popularly called as chimp, is the species that is closest in resemblance to the humans. They share 98% of the genes of humans.

The primary area for chimpanzee trekking is the Kibale Forest National Park, the primate capital of East Africa. Other species of monkeys too are plenty in number. Ngamba Island Sanctuary is another tourist hotspot famous for the chimpanzee population. The average adult male chimpanzee is three meters tall with a weight between 35 and 70 kg. The female on the other hand is two to four feet in height with a weight between 26 and 50 kg.

The life expectancy of chimpanzees is 40. Those bred in captive centers are known to live till the age of 60. There has been tremendous effort to conserve the species. Support has been garnered throughout the world. In Uganda, the Jane Goodall Foundation is the primary foundation for the conservation of chimpanzees and gorillas. Support is also pooled by the Experience Africa Safaris, a local tour operator based in Kampala.


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